David Ditchfield

David DitchfieldDavid Ditchfield

David Nicholas, the curly red-head in the family, arrived on January 11, 1989, too late for Christmas, but a big surprise nonetheless! My Three Sons would not have existed had David turned out to be the baby girl the family was expecting! He is a very gifted harmony singer and musician, applying his extensive musical training and theory to the development of family vocal arrangements. David sings Baritone/Tenor and performs vocal percussion for the group as well as being a major contributor to the musical direction of the family. He specialized in vocal performance and Music Theory at Manatee Community College and recently graduated summa cum laude from Southeastern University with a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership. He took all of his classes online so that he wouldn’t miss any shows, and was still selected by his professors as the Most Outstanding Graduate in his major, a first for online students at Southeastern.

January 11
Place of Birth
Sarasota, FL
Favorite Performer
Nat King Cole
Favorite Song
"More I Cannot Wish You" (The Singers Unlimited)
Favorite Food
Steak with Sweet Potato (Cinammon and Butter)
Favorite Restaurant
Longhorn Steakhouse
Favorite Musical
"My Fair Lady"
Favorite Movie
"Ben Hur"
Favorite Instrument
Bass (humming a trumpet line is just silly)
Favorite Stage Moment
The first time we sang Music Of The Night. It was at Van Wezel. We got a rousing standing ovation, and it was my first time singing baritone instead of tenor.
Watching and playing sports, reading, and transcribing vocal jazz recordings. Also... training for the "World's Nicest Guy" competition. (Ok, you can leave that last one out.) ;)