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Songs America Sings

Songs America Sings

In November 2008, The Ditchfield Family Singers were proud to debut their newest show: "The Songs America Sings".

From the days of the "Old West" to the "Roaring Twenties", from "The Big Bands" to the contemporary music of today, Americans have raised their voices in song. You'll enjoy familiar tunes that will transport you through time as one of America's most versatile family ensembles takes you on an uplifting and unforgettable journey through 250 years of great American music, singing the favorites from different eras all along the way.

Prepare yourself for a journey back to early colonial days and the haunting river shanty, the unmistakable sound of an authentic barbershop quartet, blackstageand another unforgettable American original: Doo-wop! And don't forget, of course, the classic music from the Broadway stage, uplifting spirituals and inspirational favorites, and the Patriotic Anthems and songs that have meant so much to America and its people throughout history.

redstage"The Songs America Sings" Show typically runs about 2 hours, but can be customized to range from 60-145 minutes depending on the needs of the audience or venue. The show also includes special guest appearances by the 3rd generation of the Ditchfield Family Singers!

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