Stephen Ditchfield

Stephen DitchfieldStephen Ditchfield

Stephen Ditchfield is a highly accomplished Bass/Baritone soloist and is acclaimed for being the consummate performer, whether on stage in concert before thousands, or in the intimate atmosphere of a private party or special event. He has been entertaining and inspiring audiences for over 30 years and is the Musical Director of the Ditchfield Family Singers. Recently recognized as "one of the finest Baritone voices in America today," he is also a gifted vocal coach and chorus director, and is the inspiration for the family's musical progression. His experience is wide-ranging and includes activities as a motivational speaker and sales trainer, broadcaster, ordained Minister, publisher and golf professional. 

May 3
Place of Birth
Toronto, ON, Canada
Favorite Performer
Singers who have deeply influenced me are Robert Goulet, Bing Crosby, and Matt Monroe. I appreciate Michael Crawford's masterful ability to communicate the lyric of a song and Mel Torme's gentle smoothness.
Favorite Song
I have many favorite songs. It depends where I am, and how I feel today.
Favorite Food
Aren't there any easy questions? Bernice's carrot cake, and coffee ice cream are high on the list, as are plums, Granny Smith apples, corn on the cob, greasy spuds and turkey, eggs, chocolate, mountain bread with strawberry jam, steak, tiramisu, smoked cheese, chef salad, raspberries, and Progresso clam chowder. Did I mention...
Favorite Restaurant
I have favorite dishes at Applebee's, Red Lobster, Da Ru Ma, and Primo's. I have fond memories of La Paloma in San Jose, California
Favorite Musical
"Sound of Music" and "Music Man"
Favorite Movie
"The Sound Of Music", "Little Lord Fauntleroy", "Chariots Of Fire", "Music Man", "Holiday Inn", "Singin' In The Rain", "Sabrina", and "The Natural"
Favorite Instrument
I am really moved by a full orchestra. I guess Piano, Guitar when played as a solo (jazz, samba, modern) and Trumpet when it is final as in "we shall all be changed".
Favorite Stage Moment
Can't really say but it was very special to see the boys when My Three Sons were announced as Novice Champs in 1998, and District Champs in 2003. I will never forget that moment in the living room at South Drive when the kids all popped to say "cuckoo". I guess that was when it dawned that a dream I had when I was 15, might just really be coming true. (a la The Von Trapps)
Can't remember. Golf, Pottery, and walking on the beach, if I recall